Monday, July 13, 2015

Mini Albums!

Hi everyone!

A few years ago, I happened to watch a video from youtube on making a pocket page mini album series by My sister scrapper and I fell in love with it.  Making mini albums is so fun for me especially when I have some difficulty in choosing which photos from a certain event to scrapbook.  With mini albums, you can make it by theme or by event and put many pictures to it.  It gave a new way to store photos and I knew that my friends and loved ones would not get bored from watching the photos in the album.  Mini albums are also a great idea to give as gifts.  You can personalize to to any occasion such as birthdays, weddings, christenings, anniversaries, ect.  A few of my close friends have received these kinds of gifts and based on their feedback, they all loved it!

So here is one of the mini albums that I have created.  I used catalog envelops and used the same binding system as shown in the my sister scrapper video.  I loved the rustic feel of this album and I think this works best on vintage family albums.  It can store a lot of pictures and has pockets, flaps, tags and photo mats.


Thanks for viewing!


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