Thursday, July 9, 2015

Why I love scrapbooking

Hi guys!

People often ask why I am into scrapbooking. Well, I love scrapbooking because it gives me the chance to capture memories.  It gives me the chance to create pages that looks appealing to the viewer.  Also, I think of it as my personal stress reliever.  They may think that scrapbooking is a lot of work but for me it is very relaxing.  After eight hours of my day job, I look forward to going home and continue whatever layout or album I may be doing.  And it really gives me great satisfaction to see my finished work.  Some say it is an expensive hobby but I often tell them that if you know how to improvise, it is not.  The most basic materials can be transformed amazing creations with a little bit of creativity and imagination. So enough of my ramblings, I would to show you one of my layouts.  

This was taken during the wedding of one of my college best friends.  The four of us have known each other since we were freshmen in college and all of us were working scholars in our university.  So, back to my layout.  I used mostly pink elements here since the color theme of her wedding was pink and everyone that knows me knew that pink is my favorite color. (girly-much!).  I added flowers and trims in pink and cream and cut out some butterfly shapes to decorate it.  I loved making this layout!  I think it is the best way to preserve the memories of that day.  The happiness...the overflowing love... and most of all, knowing that the friendship of between the four of us will last.

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